100 Club

NOrthwich Cricket Club 100 Club

Northwich CC is delighted to announce to members that we have set up a 100 Club!

The 100 club is a monthly prize draw which both raises funds for the club and also gives participants a chance of winning cash prizes. 50% of all subscriptions collected are distributed as cash prizes each month throughout the year.  The more members of the 100 club there are, the higher the monthly prizes will be.  The current subscription is £4 per month per number (payable by standing order).

The three monthly prizes are:

  • First prize – 50% of the Prize Fund
  • Second prize – 30% of the Prize Fund
  • Third prize – 20% of the Prize Fund

Terms and Conditions please see the attachment below.

If you would like to join the 100 Club, you need to:

  • fill in the application form attached below and either post it to the club (Moss Farm Leisure Complex, Moss Lane, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 4BG); or scan it and send it over via email; or give it to Lucinda on Friday night.
  • and also set up your standing order – you can either do this yourself or you can include the standing order form attached below with the application form and we’ll do the rest.

For further information please contact the 100 Club administrator, Lucinda Verma or the club Treasurer, Simon James at simonjamesncc@gmail.com

The 100 Club is such an easy way to help the club – and the odds are much better than the National Lottery.

Thank you for supporting your club

100 Club Entry Form

100 Club Terms and Conditions